Tricks for Safeco Field, Seattle Wa

Its a beautiful night for baseball, the roof is open, the anticipation is building. You want to get to the park early and try to snag a few Batting Practice balls. If you dont know the tricks, then you might leave disapointed. Find out the tricks, and you might just leave a winner. Being a “Ballhawk” is serious to those Men, Women, teens, and children of all ages. And in order to make the most of your time at the ballpark, here are some ideas.

1. Get to the park 2 hours prior to gametime, this is when the gates at Safeco open, if you make it in time, you will see the last 20 mins of Mariners BP. This is key, because it is the best chance you have of getting a toss up; from a mariners player. Just hang in the right field seats, (best chance is over the Boeing sign on the wall about 5 or 6 rows back) and be ready for those floundering adults that have it bounce in and out of their hands… right into yours.

2. Use the Glovetrick in between the right field wall and the stands where there in the space between. Beware! its a race between you and the usher.. he threatens to take your glove. (

3. Go to the bullpen while a pitcher is warming up. After they are done, John Wetteland (bullpen coach) will toss up the ball to someone. be ready… there are a lot of kids around that might be more likely to get the ball here. try the Visitors pen??

4. Casey Kotchman always tosses up the last out of the Inning, if it is a ground ball out. so try and get down to the 1st base dugout! and snag a ball. Ichiro does the same thing with flyball outs.

5. After the game, stand in front of the dugout! YES! your allowed down there once the games over. Race down there as fast as you can and get a good spot by the dugout opening closest to Home Plate. Wait for about 5-10 mins, and eather John, Kyle, or Andre will toss up 6-8 baseballs after every game. (this is where I get the majority of my collection. I average 1-4 every time he does this.. but I am 6 foot 2 so i have a slight advantage.) After he’s done.. get out of there to avoid getting little kids asking for the ball you just worked for.

6. stand outside the players entrance for autographs. the players leave anywhere from 20 mins to 2 hours after the game.. so you have a great chance of getting an autograph here! they will drive by. How do you know its a player driving by?? they all have nice cars with tinted windows! day games are the best.


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